Don’t Just Favorite that Tweet, Retweet it!

On Twitter, there is a world of difference between a Retweet and a Favorite

SharingThis post does not specifically address a CRM topic. But I am sure that, like me, many of you are engaged in your company’s, or your own, social media efforts. The topic of Twitter’s Favorites versus Retweets directly impacts our social media engagement, hence I thought it was time that I addressed it:

Many people mistakenly ‘Favorite’ a tweet, using it as they would a Facebook ‘Like’.

Favorites don’t work this way. That is what Retweets are for.

Twitter Favorites are like your web browser’s bookmarks. They add the tweet to your favorites list, as an archive for future reference. A Favorite is only seen by the person who tweeted it. Apart from the person who Favorited it, it does nothing for anyone.

A Retweet, on the other hand, shares the tweet with all of your followers. A Retweet benefits the original tweeter, you, and your followers. You and the original tweeter have the benefit of sharing valuable (you hope) information with your followers, and of course your followers benefit by receiving this information. None of this happens if you only Favorite it.

Bottom line, if you want the tweet to reach more people, Retweet it! If you want to archive it for future reference, Favorite it. If it is good enough to Favorite, then Retweet it as well, to share it with your followers and to give credit to the original tweeter.

Share the Twitter love: Retweet, don’t Favorite!!!