Small Firms Shift Toward Cloud-Based Software

Many business owners increasingly want to access data from mobile devices, triggering a shift to cloud-based software, reports the Wall Street Journal

FutureThe Wall Street Journal published a great article on small business’ shift to cloud-based software from on-premise, locally hosted software.

Some of the take-aways from the article:

  • Owners of small businesses are increasingly signing up for cloud-based software, signalling a fundamental shift in the way they use technology.
  • Eighty-five percent of small businesses are planning to increase their spending on software in the next five years.
  • Many business owners today want to access business data from mobile devices, wherever they go—from sales trips and client meetings to a day at the beach, driving the migration to cloud-based software.
  • Almost 37% of small businesses are “fully adapted” to cloud-based applications. This is expected to increase to 78% of small businesses by 2020.
  • Overall, the global cloud-based enterprise application market—also known as Software as a Service, or SaaS—is expected to reach $50.8 billion by 2018, up from $22.3 billion in 2013, representing an annual growth rate of nearly 18% in five years.

For details, read the article Small Firms Shift Toward Cloud-Based Software at the Wall Street Journal.

Have you moved your small business from software running on in-house computers to cloud-based services? How is it working out? Tell us about it in the comments below!