7 Daily Habits of Highly Effective Social Media Managers

Checklist, Credit MT 23 Via FlickrFor many business owners and marketing managers, managing their company’s social media is relegated to the bottom of the to-do list after the sales calls and follow up, critical projects and other time-sensitive and higher priority tasks. This daily social media checklist, from Rohan Ayyar via the Hootsuite Blog, can help you to plan and manage your social media presence more efficiently.

According to Search Engine Journal, over 93% of marketers use social media to promote their businesses, with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ being their top social networks of choice. While 74% claim to have gained new customers from Facebook, about one third of them used Twitter to successfully gain new leads. However, with this rush to stay on top of social media and the 24x7x365 constantly connected culture that it has given birth to, we are putting undue pressure on the people that make this social media magic happen: the social media manager…

Don’t let your demanding job juggling a handful of social networks round the clock overwhelm you. Manage your time smartly with this daily checklist.