Best Salesforce Alternatives For Small Businesses from FitSmallBusiness

Frustrated businessmanI’m often skeptical of reviews like this one published on, not knowing what really drove their recommendation. Is their number 1 choice truly the best CRM, or is it the one that they struck the sweetest commission deal with (see “How We Make Money” on their website)?

However their article “Best Salesforce Alternatives” is a sound, well-researched and objective evaluation of five Salesforce competitors: Insightly, Zoho, Nimble, Base CRM and Bitrix24. With over 50 CRM systems listed in our CRM Directory, I could argue that there are other CRM systems that deserve to be on this short list of SalesForce alternatives. But this article does a great job of comparing and evaluating the five alternatives they have chosen.

Because each company’s specific business needs should drive their choice of CRM, Insightly may not be the 1 choice for everyone. For example, if you want to generate quotations or manage inventory items, Zoho would immediately pop to the top of my list; if social media interaction with your contacts is important to you, then Nimble would be my top choice; if email marketing integration was important I would lean towards Hatchbuck. But having used Insightly in my own business for almost three years (after migrating from Salesforce), Insightly was also my top pick at the time, for the very reasons they state below:

Salesforce is the leader of the CRM industry, yet their cloud-based software is also the most expensive and some of the most difficult to use. We’ve identified 5 of the top Salesforce alternatives for small businesses which are better on the budget, easier to use and in some cases even give you more advanced features.

Most small businesses just need a CRM to manage their contacts, schedule follow up appointments and view your sales pipeline. Insightly gives you these basic tools for 1/10th the price of Salesforce, and given that it’s much easier to use, you also save a lot of time training.

Thank you, FitSmallBusiness, for a well researched product evaluation!