Contactually CRM’s New Data Insights Reveals Information on the Health of a Company’s Relationships

ContactuallyIn the latest update to its CRM platform, Contactually unrolled a major new Insights feature, leveraging the vast dataset that Contactually has on a team’s contacts and communications. Previously a product just for individual use, Contactually’s new Insights functionality gives the whole organization a bird’s eye view as to who is actively engaging with their key relationships, and where there areas of improvement for the underperforming. Teams can zoom into an individual user, and see their historical performance, as well as the health of each type of relationships. Contactually has built the perfect system for individuals and teams who rely on relationships to win and keep business, such as professional service providers, enterprise sales, consultancies, and small businesses.

Insights are directly calculated based on a user’s contact groupings, the overall strength of those relationships based on the follow-ups sent, and the actual communications they’ve exchanged with their contacts.

With Insights, teams can look at the activity of the individual members of the team and identify how to drive more impactful relationship-building as an entire team. From an individual drill down for the more personal level of activity on their relationships to the overall team’s performance, the data in Insights allows for a smarter look into what teams need to drive better relationships.

“Our focus from the beginning has always been on the user. After years of engaging with all sorts of different companies, we saw that one of the best ways to help users was to provide transparency across a team, so they can identify areas of improvement” – said Zvi Band, Co-founder and CEO.