ConvergeHub Announces Google Apps Integration Within its Cloud-based CRM Platform

ConvergeHubConvergeHub has announced a wide range of Google App integrations within its cloud based CRM platform to help users better collaborate, communicate and share information, from inside a single and centralized repository. Google Apps is a broad suite of on-demand communication and collaboration software tools primarily designed to meet the requirements of the businesses.

In lieu of the fact that Google Apps holds high prominence in the large, small and medium-sized business realm, ConvergeHub has gone ahead with the integration of the two of the most popular Google Apps – Google Contacts and Google Calendar. In addition to Google Contacts and Google Calendar, ConvergeHub also plans to soon integrate Google Docs and Google Mail within its CRM.


ConvergeHub users can resort to the bi-directional sync capabilities to merge the applications and access the combined information from a system of their choice. Right from merging ConvergeHub and Google Contacts together to syncing ConvergeHub and Google Calendar events – users can perform these tasks within a few seconds. This can make their business gain a competitive edge with better collaboration and data accuracy.

With upcoming integrations of Google Docs and Google Mail, users will get the additional ability to link documents to ConvergeHub records and track Google Mail Interactions inside ConvergeHub.

ConvergeHub offers a seamless bi-directional integration with Google Contacts and Google Calendar which implies that every update done in these apps gets captured and populated automatically within the CRM database or vice versa.

Consequent of which, users are empowered to sync the data in just one click – and get a full and comprehensive data view, all efficiently indexed and searchable within ConvergeHub. Simultaneously, users can gain an accession to ConvergeHub Contacts and Calendar records from within Google Apps.

This feature increases work productivity, encourages greater adoption of CRM, removes data discrepancy and negates any double data entry effort. Additionally, it provides flexible working practices to our users regarding whichever application (ConvergeHub or Google Contacts/Google Calendar) they want to work on” – said Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of Converge Enterprise, Inc.

Google Apps are integrated natively within ConvergeHub and require a simple integration procedure from the ConvergeHub Apps Store.