Goldmine Selects nGenx nFinity nWorkspace to SaaS Enable GoldMine CRM Software

GoldminenGenx, a cloud services pioneer in the delivery of hosted applications and desktops, today announced that GoldMine will standardize on nGenx nFinity nWorkspace to web-enable the company’s popular suite of small business CRM solutions. Using nGenx nFinity nWorkspace, powered by Google Compute Engine cloud infrastructure and IndependenceIT’s Cloud Workspace Suite® (CWS) software, GoldMine now provides a cloud-based customer relationship management solution for anywhere, anytime user access. In addition to global application availability, the new platform lowers upfront costs for end-customers, simplifies upgrades and eliminates interoperability concerns.

GoldMine is a leading provider of Windows-based relationship management solutions designed for small businesses. With over 1 million users managing more than 1 billion relationships, GoldMine is one of the most widely used relationship management technologies in the world. The GoldMine solution enables organizations to build enduring relationships that enhance business performance through the improvement of employee productivity, customer and partner loyalty, and better management of the entire business ecosystem. GoldMine is published by Heat Software Inc. and is headquartered in Milpitas, California.

“We are pleased to be a part of this launch with nGenx. We can now offer our all-in-one CRM capabilities as a subscription option — allowing users to operate GoldMine in the cloud. The end-user has the flexibility to subscribe to and use more than one application at the same time,” said Paul R. Petersen, vice president and general manager, GoldMine. “As more organizations deploy cloud based strategies, the need for complementary solutions is key to moving forward. nGenx has provided the means to expand our marketshare while better serving customer requirements worldwide.”

nGenx simplifies the process of cloud-enabling applications without the need to redevelop existing software solutions. This gives independent software vendors (ISVs) unprecedented access to markets and customers previously out of reach. nGenx delivers an integrated online experience that empowers business applications with a greater number of access points using a full-featured Microsoft Windows desktop. In the case of GoldMine, users have the ability to use the application seamlessly from any location and on any device. The cloud enablement of GoldMine presents a new way to leverage years of development in an easy to use windows application, now available in a Desktop-as-a-Service. The capability increases interoperability by allowing users to bring multiple applications into one environment without the need for separate subscriptions. Users retain complete control, security, and auditability for compliance through an intuitive browser-based management system that reduces support costs, increases service quality and improves responsiveness.

“We’re proud to provide the underlying technology that supports nFinity nWorkspace and to serve as the foundation for cloud-enabled applications such as GoldMine,” said Seth Bostock, CEO for IndependenceIT. “With their extensive experience in bringing business applications to the cloud, nGenx integration with GoldMine serves as another proof point for software developers on the strategic value of cloud-based solution delivery.”

With nGenx as its SaaS enablement platform delivered through Google Compute Engine, end-users pay for GoldMine CRM SaaS on a monthly basis. This gives customers the option to reduce their upfront capital investment with a usage-based payment model that has become an industry standard. The nGenx platform allows for rapid deployment of GoldMine via the Web, eliminating costly deployments and issues that can arise in mixed device environments. nGenx provides operational support for GoldMine and addresses a full range of deployment scenarios that include platform and application provisioning, administration and workspace management.