Tactile Releases Tact Mobile Command Center for Android and Tact for Desktop

TactileTactile today announced the release of Tact for Android and Tact for Desktop. Tact is the award-winning, mobile-first command center designed specifically for salespeople that combines the tools they use everyday — phone, email, calendar, and Salesforce — into one seamless experience. Tactile released its first application for iOS on the Apple App Store in March 2014 and since then has garnered positive reviews from users and been featured by Apple. Now, with the addition of Tact for Android and Tact for Desktop, Tact is more deeply embedded into every part of the sales team’s daily workflow, allowing more flexibility to work from any location — on the road, at a client site or back at the office — and on the device or screen they choose.

“Salesforce is our mission critical sales system. It’s crucial we have the information we need on each account, each deal and each activity to properly monitor and optimize our business”

In addition to these new applications, the first quarter of 2015 marked the first revenue-generating quarter for Tactile. Since the paid version of the product was released in February 2015, the company has already begun signing up new customers such as Cork Supply, SmartRecruiters, Auto Financial Group, and Capalino+Company. Tactile has also tripled the size of its employee base, bringing together a diverse group of product designers and engineers in its quest to build enterprise-grade applications that deliver consumer-grade user experiences.

Tact for Android

The beta version of Tact for Android is now available for download in the Google Play store. The application brings together the tools salespeople use everyday – Exchange, Gmail, Salesforce and phone – into one beautifully simple app. It boasts a new design specific to what users love and expect from the Android platform. As a native application built from the ground up, the interface and in-app experience highlights Android’s unique characteristics.

Features include the ability to:

  • Sync contacts, accounts, calendars, notes and tasks. Data is synced to the phone, so it’s always available with or without wireless coverage.
  • Call customers armed with a rich profile and complete relationship history.
  • Reduce administrative work with one-tap capture of sales activity to Salesforce, including the ability to log calendar meetings to contacts or accounts. Fields are auto-filled based on context and usage.
  • Support Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Salesforce and users’ device Contacts and Calendar applications.

To download the application, click here.

Tact for Desktop

Tact for Desktop is now available in beta for Google Apps users to integrate Tact into their desktop workflow. This Chrome browser extension appears as a sidebar in existing Tact users’ Gmail inbox.

Features include the ability to:

  • Integrate directly into Gmail via a side-panel in Google Chrome.
  • Bring CRM capabilities into the email workflow, including the ability to integrate with Salesforce to pull the relationship history of contacts and leads.
  • Choose which activities to save to Salesforce.
  • Support custom fields, custom record types and field validations from Salesforce.

To download the application, click here.